This was the first youth production at the theatre in June 2014 and was a huge success! Scroll down to see some pictures of the fantastic and talents young members of the theatre.

Dear Wonderer,

You are cordially invited to join the Mad-Hatter, the March Hare and the door-mouse to celebrate your unbirthday!

Simply follow the White Rabbit, have a wonder around. The day will finish on the lawns of the royal place belonging to the Queen of Hearts, so don’t forget your flamingo and hedgehog for your game of croquet!

We look forward to seeing you on 21st and 22nd June 2010 at the Harlequin Theatre, Queen Street. x

P.s Beware of cakes that say eat me, bottles that say drink me, cards, birds, caterpillars, tweedles, planting white roses and a cheeky smile that floats about the woods!
— MiniQuins&CW9

Cast List


Holly: Little Alice/butterfly
Lola:  White Rabbit
Maddy: Dinah/Doormouse/butterfly
Tilly: Tweedle Dum
Laila: Tweedle Dee
Katie: Mouse/flower/card/butterfly


Lauren N: Alice
Ellie H:  Cheshire Cat and DoorKnob
Grace:    Alice's Sister/Queen of Hearts
Lauren:   Rose/Bird/Jester/Card
Sophie:   Tulip/card/rabbit 
Maddie:   Caterpillar
Hermione: Rabbit/Flower/Card
Maddy:    King/Rabbit/Flower
Ellie:    March Hare
Roxy:      Flower/Card/Mouse
Ami:      Mad Hatter