directed by yvette owen

Reading: Wednesday 1 April 2020
Auditions: Wednesday 8 April 2020

All My Sons is a story of guilt and the consequence of greed behind a white picket fence. Joe Keller, a successful businessman, lives comfortably with his wife, Kate, and son, Chris, in suburban American. They have a sadness in their lives – the loss of their other son, Larry, who went missing in World War II. After three years, Kate still clings to the hope that her son is alive, but is she side-stepping an even nastier truth? As the play unravels we see the madness that takes hold when you are living a lie, and discover that principles come with a price tag.

Yvette chose All My Sons because it was one of the first plays that her dad was in when he first joined AHTC in 1979. She really enjoyed directing The Crucible in 2017 at Harlequins and felt it was time to revisit the genius that is Arthur Miller and also because it’s such a powerful story with some brilliant parts that give actors an opportunity to really act their socks off. Our director is looking for a cast of 10 (6M:4F).