Amy's View

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Amy's View

by David Hare

Amy's View was written by British playwright David Hare. The play takes place in Berkshire near Pangbourne, and in London, from 1979 to 1995. Over the course of these sixteen years, "a running argument about the respective virtues of traditional theater and the media arts weaves its way through espoused opinions on marriage, love, fame, fidelity, betrayal, personal and artistic integrity, and the sometimes elusive ethics of the corporate world, among other things." 

Short video clip of the Broadway production with Judi Dench HERE


Amy - Holly Boland

Esme - Sue Curran

Evelyn - Sue Elliot

Dominic - Brandon Chadwick

Theresa - Eleanore Hocking

Frank - Peter Burkey

Director - Kelly White

Producer - Vonny Guilam