Director: Malcolm Barker

Assistant Director : Alyssia Jarvis


This thriller is a winter treat to keep you on the edge of your seats to the final curtain.

Who is the mysterious Aurelia who married, John Chalmont, the nephew of Lady Chalmont in Africa?

Why does she arrive alone at Chalmont Hall when she is supposed to be with John and why does she befriend John's former girlfriend, Isabel?

Is Isabel really as naive as she seems or does she have an underlying scheme to win John back?

John Chalmont was sent to Africa by his aunt after he had stolen from her. Is he alive or dead?

Who is the mysterious Mr Mercer who follows Aurelia from Africa?

Does Lady Chalmont know more than she reveals and what are the hidden talents of her companion, Vera?

As the web of intrigues unravels and murder results, the plot twists and twists until a surprising finale.


Aurelia               Joanne Perry                            Isabel                           Holly Boland

A visitor           Paul Capper                              Lady Chalmont          Vanessa Duffy

Vera                    Tina Wyatt                                 Mercer                          Simon Jones


Wed 9 – Sat 12 December 2015 at 7.45pm