Director: Malcolm Barker

Set in the glorious days of La Belle Epoque in Paris in the early 1900’s when the legendary Georges Feydeau was at his absurd best, a famous actress has two lovers: a ne'er do well who is secretly affianced to a Baroness' daughter and a flamboyant Spanish general who challenges to a duel any man who comes near her. An amateur composer who hopes the lady will sing his song places his card in a bouquet sent anonymously and thereby seals his fate: the ne'er do well uses him to divert the general's flashing sword. Meanwhile, the ne'er do well is trapped in his underwear outside his apartment. When the police come to arrest him for indecent exposure, you can be sure it is the songwriter who goes to jail. This is Feydeau so the play is a riotous romp, as far fetched as it is fantastic, a hilarious evening of whirlwind insanity. For the English audience it is all brought together with infinite skill by the translator, the esteemed writer Sir John Mortimer of Rumpole of the Bailey fame