by Phil Ford from Bram Stoker

18 - 21 April 2018

"The blood is the life, and it shall be mine..."

Solicitor Jonathan Harker leaves his fiancée Mina for the Carpathian Mountains, to finalise a property sale with the enigmatic Count Dracula, who is soon to purchase Carfax Abbey in London. But the Count hides a terrifying secret, the discovery of which is just the beginning of a nightmare in which Harker will become a prisoner of darkness, while a bloodthirsty, supernatural force is unleashed back in England. There, a small group of friends must learn to believe in the undead, in order to hunt down and destroy the seemingly unstoppable vampire. 

The Harlequins Players will premiere this new adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic gothic-horror tale, adapted by screenwriter Phil Ford and directed by Chris Finney (Moby Dick, Frankenstein).

Reading: Weds 31 January 2018

Audition: 7 February 2018

Director: Chris Finney (


There are a range of roles available for all ages, for more information email the director Chris or pop along to the theatre for the reading on Wednesday 31 January 2018. 


 The ages listed are playing ages of characters and only a rough guide, if you have any questions about casting or production you can email Chris at

Cast as follows:

Jonathan Harker (18-25)

Mina Harker (18-25)

Lucy Westenra (18-25)

Lord Arthur Holmwood (20s-30s)

Doctor Jack Seward (20s-30s) 

Van Helsing (50s, male or female)

Count Dracula (Who Knows...)

Bride 1 (20s)

Bride 2 (20s)

Bride 3 (20s)

R.M. Renfield  30s-40s)

Smaller Roles

Ship's Captain (40s)


Sister Agatha  (50s-60s)

Wardens (x2)

Gypsies (x3)

Police Sergeant