It runs in the family

Britain's master farceur, Ray Cooney ( Two Into OneRun For Your Wife, et al. ) is at it again.

It Runs in the Family Poster.jpg

Set in a hospital doctors' common room, a hilarious assortment of farcical characters are running in and out of doors, mistaking everybody for someone else.

Dr. Mortimore tries to fend off his ex girlfriend, his wife, an out of control teenage child (one he never knew he had!) and various other interruptions and, at last, deliver the most important lecture of his life for an international conference.  It could lead to a knighthood or complete disaster.


Dr David Mortimer                               MIKE KELSALL                                      Dr Mike Connolly                                  CRAIG MOORE

Rosemary Mortimer                             LESLEY SILCOCK                                  Dr Hubert Bonney                                 JAKE POWELL

Matron                                                      TINA WYATT                                         Sir Willoughby Drake                          MALCOM BARKER

Jane Tate                                                  KERI SPELLMAN                                   Sister                                                         JOAN BARKER

Lesley                                                         ALYSSIA JARVIS                                  Police Sergeant                                      ADAM BROWN

Bill                                                               STEPHEN HOSKINS                            Mrs Bonney                                             SANDRA CAPPER