Written by John Chapman  Directed by Malcolm Barker

‘All the World’s a Stage, but can art really imitate life? And vice versa?’

Rupert and Sarah’s marriage is on the rocks. They are hosting a dinner party for their friends, Charles and Madge, both of them lawyers, who have agreed to handle the divorce.

As the story unfolds in this modern-day farce, complications arise when Edward, an ageing Shakespearean actor becomes blissfully aware that the play has switched from art to life.

Will their marriage make it past the dessert? Will their guests survive? What is real?

This light-hearted tilt at the complete theatricality of stage folk is guaranteed to have you rolling in the aisles.

John Chapman was part of the writing team that brought you that classic British TV series ‘Are You Being Served?

Cast List

RUPERT  -  Matt Bird

SARAH  -  Keri Spelman

CHARLES  -  Matthew Jones

MADGE  -  Beth Barlow

MRS CULLEN  -  Caroline Young

EDWARD  -  Stephen Hoskins

ANGELA (PROMPT)  -  Ellie Hamer

MISS BROWN (NURSE)  -  Tina Wyatt