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Our youth theatre brings you a classic novel live on stage, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy embark on a magical mystery tour to the Land of Narnia through the wardrobe. There they encounter the wicked White Witch, representing the forces of evil, and the King of the Beasts, Aslan the lion, representing all that is good and right.

Our previous production of Peter Pan SOLD OUT so make sure you get your tickets!

Cast List

 Peter - Sam Chadwick

Susan - Charlie Holland

Edmund - Rhys O'Brien

Lucy - Olivia Deakin


Professor - Ben Johnson

Mrs McCready - Sophie Harrop


Tumnus - Josh Piper

Mr Beaver - Gemma Chadwick

Mrs Beaver - Poppy Dalton

Fox - Joseph Tomlinson


Leopards - Victoria Gillett and Cora Abblett

Animals - Holly Marsden and Skye Savage


White Witch - Liv England

Maugrim - Alfie Naylor

Dwarves - Alex Marsden and James Gallagher

Wolves - Ben Walker, Finley Savage and Louis McMannus


White Witch’s Army

Ollie Ainscough and Eliana Teixeria.



Ben Johnson, Holly Marsden, Holly Hamlett-Orme