Plays From 1960-1970

1960 - 1961

Venus Observed by Christopher FryThe Reluctant Debutante by William Douglas-HomeAn Inspector Calls by JB Priestley The Burning Glass by Morgan

1961 - 1962

The Crucible by Arthur Miller; The Grass is Greener by Emlyn Williams; All For Mary by H Brooke and K Bannermen; Someone Watching by Emlyn Williams

1962 - 1963

The Heiress by Goetz; The Rape of the Belt by Levy; The Diary of Anne Frank by Goodrich & Hackett; The Queen of the Rebels by Betti; On Approval by Lonsdale

1963 – 1964

Plaintiff in a Pretty Hat by Consde; The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman; Private Lives by Noel Coward; Hobson’s Choice by Harold Brighouse

1964 – 1965

Marching Song by Whiting; Separate Tables by Terence Rattigan; Sweeney Todd; My Three Angels by Ella Spewack

1965 – 1966

Rattle of a Simple Man by Dwyer; Captain Corvallo by Connan; The Whole Truth by Philip Mackie; The Wind of Heaven by Emlyn Williams

1966 – 1967

The Poker Session by Hugh Leonard; The Secret Tent by Addyman; The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare; Book of the Month by Thomas

1967 - 1968

Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen; Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neil; Ill Met by Moonlight; Breath of Spring by Peter Coke

1968 - 1969

The Member for Gaza; The Irregular Verb to Love; Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw; A Letter from the General by McLoughlin

1969 - 1970

Lysistrata by Aristophanes; Look Back In Anger by John Osborne; Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn; The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare