Written by Robert Caisley  Directed by  Ben   Brunsdon

Written by Jay Saunders

Directed by Danielle Harris

The photo gallery below shows a fantastic start to our season, the story is of an agoraphobic sci-fi addict, a struggling market-trader and an over-confident entrepreneur do battle with Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Goons to find love, laughs and the true nature of friendship.

Danielle Harris is a new director at the Harlequins and last season assisted greatly with the Youth Theatre, Danielle has now left us to go to university in Hull were she will study drama and theatre studies. Danielle and her cast put this show together within 4 weeks! A fantastic achievement.

Dumped by his girlfriend, Thomas desperately plots to get her back into his life, employing the finest principles science fiction has to offer. Problem is, since developing agoraphobia, he needs her in his flat to make it happen. When his two closest friends, over bearing mother and all-to-compliant father get involved, all plans to ‘explore new worlds’ appear dashed. Add to the mix a drenched love-interest, the ultimate in betrayals, an indigestible casserole and parodies of Sci-Fi, Rom-Horror and classic radio idiocy – and you become witness to a smorgasbord of fictional realisation, rom-com and personal discovery.

Cast List

Tom - Richard Beech

Dick - Sebastian Singh

Harry - Keri Spellman

Chloe - Laura Bason

Kate - Holly Boland

Helen - Tina Wyatt

Jim - Phil Ashby-Crowe