FISH LIP SOUP BIG BAND Saturday 7th October at The Harlequin Theatre

The Fish Lip Soup Big Band was formed 6 years ago by a group of friends who wanted to play Big Band music. 

Once the band got together, rehearsals were fun – but the band needed a focus and so they decided to perform at occasional charity events and Samaritans are lucky enough to have them play again on 7th October.

The name Fish Lip Soup came from a trip to China by two of the players where they found the dish on the menu in a restaurant.  Whether they ordered it or not remains a mystery!

The band is made up of two main sections – the movers and shakers in the form of the rhythm section: piano, bass, drums and guitar.  Then the horns, fronted by the saxophones and trumpets and finally but not least the trombones. The programme will include a mixture of classic big band arrangements from such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Benny Goodman along with some updated surprises. 

Hopefully it will be fun, toe tapping music and the audience can hum all the way home after a good night out and Samaritans will have made a healthy profit. 

Bring all your friends too. Buy your tickets (£14) now, by clicking on the button below.