"Stags and Hens"

We are performing a version of Willy Russell's classic play "Stags and Hens," which is set mainly in the toilets of a Liverpool disco in the1980s .

The groom and bride have unwittingly chosen the same venue for their respective Stag and Hen nights and, to cap it all, one member of the band due to perform live in the club is an old flame of the bride, returning to his home town.



Linda                            Keri Spelman                                      Peter                                   Pete Blain

Bernadette                 Mandy Taylor                                     Robbie                                Alex Sant

Carol                            Holly Boalnd                                       Billy                                     Simon Jones

Frances                        Kathy Rowe                                         Kav                                     George Ogazi

Maureen                     Becky Wollaston                                 Eddie                                  James Bebbington

Dave                            Craig Moore                                         Roadie                               Adam Brown