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The Last Stop



Written and directed by Simon Jones

Several people have arrived in what appears to be a station waiting room, without knowing why. They do not all have tickets and some do not seem to know even in which direction they wish to travel.

Is the Station Master who he appears to be?

 Will Sandy discover where she is supposed to be going and how to get there?

As the story unravels, we - and the characters in the play - understand what is happening behind the scenes and will no doubt take part in the time old battle for survival.

Simon has written an intriguing and thought-provoking little play, which is receiving its debut at the Harlequin Theatre from 26th-29th October 2016, so buy your tickets, now.





First Man - Chris Finney                                                                                      Rescuer, Shadow 2 and Nurse 1 - Carla Gonen

       Sandy - Theresa Kay                                                                                            Shadow 1, Nurse 2 and End Lady- Shelby Renhard

                          Station Master - Stuart McNeil                                                                           Train Driver - George Ogazi

                          First Lady and Julie (Mum) - Tina Wyatt                                                            Fireman -  Simon Jones

                          Malcolm (Dad) - Kevin Barnett                                                                            Fires Chief and Doctor - Angie Orme

                          Young Man - Alex Sant