More fun than a dead cat!


 ‘To Pussy (1981–1995)’

Who knocked Mad Padraic's cat over on a lonely road on the island of Inishmore.   And was it an accident?

He'll want to know when he gets back from a stint of torture and chip-shop bombing in Northern Ireland; for he loves his cat more than life itself.

Padraic vows to seek revenge on Donny and Davey and even his Dad, the alleged killers of his Wee Thomas, his beloved moggie.

 But the plot thickens and the blood flows when Padraic himself is threatened by murderous gunmen.

Davey’s crazy cow-loving sister Maraid might be their  only hope of survival.

McDonagh’s play will have cat lovers crying into their hankies and the faint hearted hiding behind their seats, but it will definitely not fail to entertain.

McDonagh’s ability to make even the darkest of situations funny is exceptional.

Don’t miss this hilarious end-of-season offering from Harlequin Theatre

Padraic  - James Phoenix
Donny - Stuart McNeil
Davey - Cameron Ferguson
Mairead - Georgia Firth
James - Dan Hibbert
Christy - Mike Howard
Joey - Chris Perry
Brendan - Nathan Hatton


Director - Yvette Owen
Sound - Andy Walker
Lights - Adam Wade